RJ Lee Group Acquires Licensing Agreement to Manufacture and Distribute the UNC Passive Aerosol Sampler

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  • 1:58PM Jun 29, 2007
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RJ Lee Group has recently been granted the exclusive license to manufacture and market the University of North Carolina (UNC) Passive Aerosol Sampler. This innovative and cost effective device can be used to collect particulate matter (PM10 and PM2.5) in indoor and ambient air environments. The sampler is about the size and weight of a dime and consists of a standard scanning electron microscope (SEM) stub which is enclosed by a 150µm mesh cap. Material collected by the sampler is analyzed using computer controlled SEM (CCSEM) methods to determine particulate concentrations.

The UNC Passive Aerosol Sampler was developed by Professor David Leith and former UNC graduate student Jeff Wagner, who now works at the California Department of Health Services in Richmond, California. Gary Casuccio, Traci Lersch and Roger West of RJ Lee Group have been working closely with David Leith and Jeff Wagner and a team of researchers including Bob Willis (US EPA), Tom Peters (University of Iowa), and Randy Ogle (Oak Ridge National Laboratory) to evaluate the sampler in various indoor and ambient environments.

Currently, RJ Lee Group is working on a project for the EPA in which the UNC Passive Aerosol Sampler is being used to monitor air quality study in the St. Louis, Missouri area.