RJ Lee Group Names New Manager of Corporate Chemistry

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  • 1:31PM Nov 30, 2007
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RJ Lee Group announces the promotion of Dr. Lykourgos Iordanidis to Manager of Corporate Chemistry. In this role, he is responsible for day-to-day management of the laboratory operations in Monroeville, PA and Pasco, WA. His primary objectives in the near term are to accelerate the integration of analytical chemistry production between Washington and headquarters. This position acts in parallel with Brian Strohmeier (TEM & Optical) and Karen Harris (Materials & Environmental).

Dr. Iordanidis has been with RJ Lee Group for just over four years. He began his tenure with a project related to the buildings surrounding the World Trade Center and the events of 9/11. During that time he successfully supervised a team in charge of the collection, interpretation and presentation of air mercury sampling data. Next, he worked on several R&D projects, including the initial phase of an acid mine waste project and development of an additive for repairing damaged concrete. In 2005, he was promoted to Laboratory Manager of the Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory in Monroeville, PA. In early 2007, his responsibilities expanded to include the Organic Chemistry Laboratory in Monroeville, PA. Dr. Iordanidis has been instrumental in a number of significant projects: development of RJLG’s ChemLIMS system and managing the surge in hexavalent chromium analyses services. Most recently, he has overseen the analyses of over one-thousand metals samples within a 4-week span.

Dr. Iordanidis holds a PhD in Chemistry from Michigan State University. As a graduate student at post doctoral, he worked in the synthesis, physiochemical and structural characterization of multi-metallic inorganic and organic solids.