RJ Lee Group Responds to New Legislation Regarding Consumer and Children’s Product Safety

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  • 8:43AM Apr 29, 2009
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RJ Lee Group’s Consumer Product Safety Services is a comprehensive series of testing programs for manufacturers, importers and retailers of consumer products and children’s products.  New legislation, the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA), signed August 2008, imposes new limits for lead, heavy metals, and phthalates, and widens the range of responsibility and liability for product quality to include market participants from manufacturer to importer, and from distributor to retailer and reseller.  To date, RJ Lee Group has provided long-term analytical services for several national and international clients who wish to ensure that their product lines are meeting and exceeding the national standards set forth in the CPSIA.  RJ Lee Group has assembled technical knowledge and experts from the materials characterization, analytical chemistry, quality assurance, industrial hygiene, and data management fields to provide customers a complete support mechanism.

RJ Lee Group has also participated in the academic and legislative development of relevant methods and testing programs, and has submitted comments on legislation to regulatory bodies when relevant.

RJ Lee Group provides pre-market product compliance testing and assessment, analytical testing and instrument support, consultation for in-house testing program design, litigation support, and risk analysis services.  We also have experience in assisting our clients with product recall support, should one become necessary.  We frequently work with toxicologists to provide the laboratory support needed for bioavailability and health effect studies to address issues of consumer product safety. RJ Lee Group can also assist clients by providing audit support for third party testing laboratories.