Web Seminar: Particle Contamination Issues in Manufacturing

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  • 4:09PM Mar 24, 2010
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RJLG’s Pharmaceutical / Biotechnology Group hosted a half day pharmaceutical webinar presented by experienced scientists in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, forensic, and materials characterization industries. These analytical and industrial experts paired up to give you timely information from both a manufacturing and laboratory perspective.

• “The Role of Forensic Analysis in the Biotechnological Manufacturing Industry”
SPEAKER: Dr. Alexander Artau, Senior Scientist, Amgen Manufacturing Limited

• “Current Forensic Analysis Challenges in the Biotechnological Manufacturing Industry”
SPEAKER: Abdin Suarez and David Martinez, Scientists, Amgen Manufacturing Limited

• “Non-Invasive Analysis of Extraneous Matter by Raman Spectroscopy”
SPEAKER: Dr. Yanira Melendez, Scientist, Amgen Manufacturing Limited

• “How a Forensic Laboratory Supports Pharma”
SPEAKER: Matthew McMullin, NMS Director, Research & Development and Forensic

• “Nanoparticle Characterization in Pharmaceutical Applications Using Advanced Microscopy”
SPEAKER: Dr. Kristin Bunker, RJ Lee Group Senior Scientist and Dr. Jacqueline Sturgeon, RJ Lee Group
Materials Scientist

• “Analytical Techniques for Particle Identification in Pharmaceuticals”
SPEAKER: David Exline, RJ Lee Group General Manager, Commercial and Forensic Services

• “Q & A: Open-ended Discussion”

For more information, please contact us at pharmaceutical@www.rjlg.com.