Dr. James L. Conca Joins RJ Lee Group’s WSCF Operation

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  • 9:06AM Jan 10, 2011
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Dr. James L. Conca was named Director of Laboratory Operations at the DOE Hanford Nuclear Site’s Waste Sampling and Characterization Facility (WSCF). RJ Lee Group is a sub-contractor to Mission Support Alliance (MSA) at this facility and responsible for its management. Dr. Conca has actively developed and tested laboratory and field technologies for disposal of radioactive waste, mitigation of dirty bomb effects, and remediation of metal contamination in groundwater and soil. He will be responsible for overseeing the WSCF laboratory operations where more than 100 staff deliver a full range of inorganic and chemistry, radiochemistry and industrial hygiene services to support major DOE remediation programs across the former Manhattan Project Nuclear Production Complex. Dr. Conca earned his Ph.D. in Geochemistry in 1985, holds a Masters in Planetary Science from the California Institute of Technology and a B.S. in Geology and Biochemistry from Brown University. Prior to joining RJ Lee Group, Dr. Conca was the Senior Scientist for the Institute for Energy and the Environment at New Mexico State University (NMSU), a group dedicated to environmental monitoring and mitigation of radioactive materials and the development of sustainable energy distributions. Other experience includes service at Los Alamos National Laboratory and on the faculty at Washington State University. He has also served as President of UFA Ventures, Inc and as a consultant to government and private industry. Dr. Conca has published extensively in peer-reviewed literature and is co-author of the book The GeoPolitics of Energy: Achieving a Just and Sustainable Energy Distribution by 2040.