Bermuda Sun Details RJ Lee Group Forensics Team Participation in Bermuda Police Department’s Crime-Solving Network

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  • 9:27AM Mar 02, 2011
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The Bermuda Sun online newspaper reported that RJ Lee Group’s forensic team, headed by Alfred (Skip) Schwoeble, is a vital part of the “collective and collaborative” effort of the Bermuda Police Department in solving gang-related gun crimes. According to the Bermuda police, forensic evidence is playing a crucial role in helping them win the war against gun crime. Evidence from shootings in Bermuda is sent to labs across the United States to be examined for DNA, fingerprints and gunshot residue (GSR). Superintendant Antoine Daniels told the Bermuda Sun that “The link with forensic laboratories is a vital link for us.” The GSR evidence, which is often the final piece of the puzzle, is sent to experts at RJ Lee Group. Results of the GSR analyses have been successfully used in Bermuda courts where Mr. Schwoeble has also testified as an expert witness.