Bermuda Sun Highlights RJ Lee Group GSR Expert Testimony in Murder Trial

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  • 9:51AM May 13, 2011
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The online edition of the Bermuda Sun recounted the testimony of Ms. Allison Murtha, RJ Lee Group gunshot residue (GSR) expert, as she explained how she determined the distance between the shooter and victim in the ongoing Martin murder trial. After testing for the presence of lead on the victim’s jacket, Ms. Murtha noted, “We got such a positive result that we were able to put the muzzle of the firearm in the range of 3 feet from the target.”

Ms. Murtha told the court that GSR is the combination of three elements — lead, antimony and barium. Particles found with two or three of the elements are described as consistent with GSR. When she tested the handlebars of the suspect’s motorcycle, she found two-component and single-component particles. “Whenever GSR is found”, she explained, “there are only three possible explanations — the person discharged a firearm, the person was in close proximity when a firearm was discharged or the person came into contact with an area that contained GSR.”