RJ Lee Group Forensic Scientist Gives Expert GSR Testimony at Bermuda Murder Trial

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  • 9:32AM May 12, 2011
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Online Bermuda news magazine, www.bernews.com , reported the testimony of Ms. Allison Murtha, RJ Lee Group, Inc. forensic scientist in an ongoing Bermuda murder trial. Having been confirmed by the Crown Counsel as a Gun Shot Residue (GSR) expert, Ms. Murtha went on to describe the chemical make-up of GSR and how, through analytical results, she was able to conclude that the bullet holes in the victim’s jacket had been made from a distance of within three feet. Ms. Murtha further explained that when the firearm discharged, particles that contain nitrites were left on the jacket and that these particles were detected during her testing. Once the prosecution completed its examination of Ms. Murtha, the defense lawyer cross-examined. The trial which began on May 9 in Bermuda’s Supreme Court, continues.