Bermuda’s Royal Gazette Online Recounts RJ Lee Group GSR Expert’s Testimony in Murder Trial

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  • 9:39AM Jun 02, 2011
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Keena Zitkovich, RJ Lee Group gunshot residue expert (GSR), gave evidence in the murder trial of David Cox in Bermuda as reported by Bermuda’s Royal Gazette Online ( Ms Zitkovich explained that GSR consists of particles expelled from a gun when it is fired and the particles settle on people and objects near the gun. She indicated that two GSR particles were found on a baseball cap and nine particles on a latex glove noting that, “With the presence of two three-component particles, those particles were indeed from the discharge of a firearm.” But, in answer to questions from Mr Cox’s defense lawyer, Craig Attridge, she agreed that GSR can easily be transferred from one surface to another and it is impossible to tell when it was deposited onto an item. Mr Attridge suggested, “The GSR could have been transferred there from the very person collecting the evidence,” and Ms. Zitkovich agreed.