Dr. Richard J. Lee Recounts RJ Lee Group’s Involvement in WTC Aftermath

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  • 10:45AM Sep 27, 2011
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Dr. Richard J. Lee, CEO of RJ Lee Group, Inc., an industrial forensics laboratory headquartered in Monroeville, PA recounted in a recent Pittsburgh Tribune-Review interview the company’s involvement in the aftermath of the WTC collapse. The company was retained to determine the severity of the environmental hazard created by the collapse and over a period of three years collected more than 100,000 samples which are still in storage. Upon analyzing the samples, they noticed a recurring pattern they believed to be the World Trade Center (WTC) Dust Signature. Though the investigative work was officially completed more than seven years ago, there are still ties to the event. This past August, just before the 10th anniversary of the collapse, a former NYC police officer hand-delivered his uniform to the laboratory for analysis of the dust that covered it. He had worn the uniform, which he preserved in plastic the day of the attack, while at the scene and wanted to know if the dust could be responsible for health-related issues that he was experiencing. The article goes on to recount how the company evolved to the 300-person organization it is today and to describe many of RJ Lee Group’s capabilities as an industrial forensics laboratory.