RJ Lee Group Assists Former NYC Police Officer in Analysis of WTC Dust on Uniform

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  • 10:40AM Sep 07, 2011
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CBS Pittsburgh KDKA Local online news reported the analysis of a piece of 9/11 history. Officer Alonzo Harris, a former NYC police officer during the World Trade Center collapse, preserved his uniform covered with dust after the event. Ten years later, after suffering respiratory difficulties, he wanted to know if the WTC dust had played a role in his illness and took his sealed uniform to RJ Lee Group in Monroeville, PA for analysis. RJ Lee Group had done extensive dust analyses after the WTC event and had developed a signature for the dust whose pattern was easily recognizable microscopically. The laboratory found the WTC dust which contained asbestos, dioxins and lead on the uniform and though a recent study found that first responders have developed a higher than normal incidence of respiratory difficulties and cancer, studies are still inconclusive.