RJ Lee Group’s GSR Expert Gives Evidence at Bermuda Supreme Court Trial

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  • 10:50AM Nov 10, 2011
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Bermuda’s Royal Gazette Online reported that gunshot residue (GSR) was found on the clothes of a man accused of participating in a shooting of two people outside a Bermuda movie theater. RJ Lee Group GSR expert, Keena Zitkovich, testified that gun shot residue was found on a sweatshirt and jeans confiscated from Mr. Sanchay Grant who was arrested along with the alleged mastermind of the shooting. Police also recovered a pair of gloves and a jacket that showed positive for GSR particles. Ms. Zitkovich testified that GSR particles, comprised of lead, barium and antimony, melt together when a gun is fired and can land on the shooter as well as nearby people and objects. They can also be transferred between people and objects if they come in contact with each other. When asked by the prosecutor, Ms. Zitkovich noted that you would not expect to find particles related to the discharge of a firearm on the average person unless they had recently handled a firearm or used a firearm in their profession. She also agreed with the defense that the number of GSR particles found was low but not uncommon. The suspects continue to deny charges of attempted murder and gun possession and the case continues.