Police Union Displays 9/11 Uniform Tested by RJ Lee Group in Meeting with NY Mayor Bloomberg

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  • 10:57AM Feb 12, 2012
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The New York Times reported that on February 12, 2012 New York police union leaders took with them the uniform of Police Officer Alonzo Harris, a respondent in the World Trade Center rescue efforts, when they called upon Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg. Their intent was to request that the Mayor release police medical records for a study possibly linking cancer to 9/11 contaminants. Officer Harris’ uniform, covered in grit from the collapsed towers, had been sealed in a plastic bag and stored his closet since 9/11. Last year, Harris sent the uniform to RJ Lee Group industrial forensics laboratory in Monroeville, Pa. to analyze the particles clinging to the uniform. The uniform was inspected without charge and Dr. Richard J. Lee, CEO of the company reported, “After examining the uniform, we found evidence that Officer Harris had been exposed to heavy metals, dioxins, and PCBs.” Current legislation, enacted last year, provides help for respiratory ailments to those affected by the terrorist attack, but cancer is not on the list of illnesses covered. Union spokesman, Al O’Leary said that 65 officers who worked at ground zero had died of cancer, and that 300 more had received a cancer diagnosis. A panel of medical experts at Mount Sinai Medical Center was expected to recommend to federal officials whether or not the act should be expanded to cover cancer treatment.