Energy Expert Dr. James Conca Authors New Blog on Geopolitics of Energy

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  • 11:06AM Apr 28, 2012
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(MONROEVILLE, Pa., April 28, 2012) Dr. James Conca, international expert on sustainable energy development and Director of RJ Lee Group’s Center for Laboratory Sciences in Pasco, WA, is the author of a new blog “The GeoPolitics of Energy.” The title of the blog is taken from a book that Dr. Conca co-authored on the subject with geologist and earth-systems scientist Dr. Judith Wright. In his weekly post, Dr. Conca will share his thoughts on geopolitical issues surrounding energy such as the importance of nuclear energy in achieving a sustainable energy distribution, timely Congressional actions affecting energy and the environment, and fundamental sociopolitical and economic pressures that drive the evolution of energy production and distribution.  In previous posts as a guest author, Dr. Conca commented on the radiation effects expected from the Fukushima nuclear plant meltdowns.

In his inaugural blog post, “Congress Goes Nuclear,” Dr. Conca asserts that the FY13 Energy and Water Development Appropriations Bill currently under consideration in Congress would be the first step toward “solving our nation’s nuclear waste problem.”  The bill, which was recently approved by the Senate Appropriations Committee, authorizes “the Secretary of Energy to site, construct, and operate consolidated storage facilities to provide storage as needed for spent nuclear fuel and high-level radioactive waste.”  Dr. Conca, who worked with the President’s Blue Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future, lauds the bill as “break[ing] the nuclear waste logjam,” explaining that it fulfills the first of three critical recommendations for managing nuclear waste issued by the Blue Ribbon Commission and sets the stage for what is actually a States Rights issue.

Dr. Conca has actively developed and tested laboratory and field technologies for disposal of radioactive waste, mitigation of dirty bomb effects, and remediation of metal contamination in groundwater and soil.  Prior to joining RJ Lee Group, he served as the Senior Scientist for the Institute for Energy and the Environment at New Mexico State University (NMSU).  Dr. Conca has published extensively in peer-reviewed literature.