Hospital Employee Health Interviews Matt Zock on Monitoring Chemotherapy Drug Exposures

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  • 11:03AM Apr 02, 2012
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In the February 2012 issue of Hospital Employee Health, an industry journal focusing on effective administration of hospital employee health programs, RJ Lee Group Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH), Mr. Matt Zock, was interviewed about the risk of contamination from antineoplastic (chemotherapy) agents and other hazardous drugs in hospital pharmacies and oncology units. The journal article, “Surface Sampling Tests Your Safety,” notes that personal protective equipment and other protective processes are in place and being used effectively but environmental testing is a good way to monitor their effectiveness. RJ Lee Group, Inc. is mentioned as one of the leading U.S. providers of consulting services for assessing potential exposures. Mr. Zock attributes this distinction to his specialization in hazardous drug consulting and the support of RJ Lee Group and partner laboratory resources including development and instrumentation.  When questioned about the frequency of finding such drugs on surfaces, Mr. Zock noted that it is not unusual to find contamination in these environments.  Mr. Zock added that any level of exposure carries potential risk, and programs for the safe handling of these drugs should be carefully evaluated.