Ms. Alison Murtha, RJ Lee Group Forensic Scientist, Testifies on GSR in Florida Attempted Murder Trial

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  • 11:32AM Nov 15, 2012
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The Daytona Beach News-Journal reported that Ms. Alison Murtha, Forensic Scientist at RJ Lee Group laboratory in Monroeville, Pa. and testifying expert on gunshot residue (GSR), provided testimony about GSR testing performed on evidence related to the attempted murder trial of Mr. William Copeland.  Mr. Copeland is accused of shooting his ex-girlfriend’s father.  In her testimony, Ms. Murtha stated that gunshot residue was found on a red shirt belonging to the suspect.  She explained that this meant one of three things:  the suspect fired a gun, was near a gun when it was fired, or came into contact with a surface contaminated by GSR.  Mr. Copeland’s attorney suggested that the suspect may have had his shirt contaminated while sitting in a patrol car.  The trial continues in Bunnell, Florida.