Delamination Problem Requires Multi-Layered Approach

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RJ Lee Group was retained to investigate the cause of the delamination of acoustic fireproofing applied to steel beams of a number of large public facilities. To examine the materials in-situ, we worked in collaboration with a well-known fire protection expert already retained by the client to assess the situation. During inspection we investigated several possible causes for the delamination ranging from the preparation of the steel and decking surfaces to the mixing and application of fireproofing products. Surfaces were sampled and the swabs analyzed to determine whether there were components present on the steel beam and deck surfaces that could interfere with adhesion. The commercial products involved in the fireproofing application were investigated to ascertain whether they met product specification, were mixed in proper proportion and applied per instruction. After multiple on-site inspections and sampling from various locations throughout the country, we were able to identify the material issues and recommend steps for remediation as well as modifications to future product applications.