Manufacturer of Fire Resistive Materials Needs Materials Performance Answers

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Manufacturers rely on raw materials in the production process to maintain quality control and product consistency. Should supplier, production, worker health and safety or regulatory issues require a substitute or replacement material, the manufacturer is faced with choosing a material that meets the established quality and consistency criteria. Our client needed to determine whether the use of raw material from different sources affected the properties of his final product.

Ensuring that raw materials will react the same throughout the manufacturing process and ultimately result in a final product exhibiting the same specifications and characteristics requires expertise in all phases of the material’s composition. RJ Lee Group scientists evaluated the physical and chemical properties of the raw materials from each source to detect any deviation or variation. Based on these results, they could assess how the material would react when incorporated into the final product. We then tested the finished product to required specifications to determine compliance and to assess any variation in product characteristics or quality.

Several sources of raw materials were evaluated and proven to meet specification in the finished product. The ability to choose alternate materials and explore multiple material sources allowed our client to remain competitive by increasing supply sources and reducing material costs.