Free Webinar: Uncovering Your Product’s Dirty Little Secrets… Investigating the FPM Connection

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  • 11:08AM Aug 07, 2013
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RJ Lee Group’s biopharma expert, Karen Smith, will team up with Carol Whitinger of SoloHill Engineering, specialists in cell-based research and manufacturing applications, to present a free webinar on Foreign Particulate Matter (FPM) – how to detect and investigate contaminant.

Karen Smith, Forensic Scientist at RJ Lee Group
Karen Smith, Forensic Scientist at RJ Lee Group, will be co-hosting this webinar.

“From Detection to Investigation: Know Your Product’s Connection with FPM,” will guide you through a product’s life cycle pointing out techniques for uncovering the contaminant, addressing current standards for visual inspection validation, and introducing specialized approaches to particle characterization based on forensics techniques. Webinar presenter Karen Smith explains, “It is extremely difficult to identify the source of FPM unless you characterize it. But, once uncovered, it becomes the key to managing and preventing future contamination issues.”

What you’ll learn:

  • Pros and cons of visual inspection methodologies
  • Understanding of Particle Validation Standards (PVS) for training manual inspectors and their role in validating automated inspection equipment
  • Sources of FPM and root cause determination strategies
  • Strategies for establishing a proactive FPM management program

The webinar is open to everyone, but act quickly – similar seminars in the past have filled up early on!