Webinar Series: New York State Vermiculite and SOF-V Regulations

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  • 12:19PM Oct 24, 2014
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With several recent changes to the New York State Department of Health’s requirements for vermiculite containing materials, it’s challenging to stay up to speed and in compliance.  Thousands of structures across New York State are affected by these new regulations, in particular, those with spray-on fireproofing containing vermiculite (SOF-V).

RJ Lee Group is here to assist with answering your questions about these rule changes and to provide you with details on the available techniques for analysis. Our series of Webinars will help you to understand:

  • The history of vermiculite and NYS DOH asbestos regulatory changes
  • Evolution of vermiculite and asbestos testing methodologies
  • Comparison of the two state certified methods (LAB.055.1* and 198.8)

Sessions will include a presentation, question and answer period, and a download of the webinar. 

Join us Wednesday, October 29th at 2:00pm EST for an informative introduction to the rules, your options, and how you can comply with these mandates.