KDKA News Discusses Lead in Drinking Water with Keith Rickabaugh, CIH

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The quality of our drinking water is paramount to everyone. Recent events in Flint, Michigan have brought even more scrutiny to the possibility of lead pouring into homes through the water lines. KDKA news in Pittsburgh, Pa. contacted RJ Lee Group to discuss a story that focused not only on the water coming to the houses in Allegheny County, but what was happening to that water once it reached the structures’ own water lines. Many older homes still contain lead pipes or lead in the solder or fixtures, which could raise the levels of lead exposure to residents. Keith Rickabaugh, CIH, was interviewed by reporter Andrew Sheehan to discuss how to take samples for a water quality test, and RJ Lee Group conducted analysis on fourteen samples from seven homes in the Pittsburgh area. To see the results, click on the video below.


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