RJ Lee Group Granted Contractor Approval by NYC SCA

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RJ Lee Group is pleased to announce that our laboratory has been granted Contractor Approval by the New York City School Construction Authority (SCA), prequalifying the company to conduct subcontract analysis services and submit bids/proposals for SCA projects for the next three years (October 6, 2019). The scope of our approval includes Laboratory Testing and Analysis (37100) and Spray-on Fireproofing – Vermiculite. As a result, our accredited laboratory will be able to perform all types of laboratory analysis, including environmental hygiene, materials characterization, lead in drinking water testing, and more.

Adding to its many years of New York ELAP certification, the company meets the vast majority of specific technical requirements applicable to SCA projects and looks forward to providing testing and analysis for those contractors who choose to utilize our services. To learn more about the SCA’s requirements, please click here.

For more information on RJ Lee Group’s approval status, please call 1.800.860.1775, then dial 4.