NASA Shares Information on Aerosol Sampler Experiment Using RJLG Technology

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NASA has posted details of an International Space Station (ISS) experiment conducted by Marit Meyers, Ph.D., NASA Glenn Research Center, using the TPS100 aerosol samplers developed by RJ Lee Group. The experiment involves using the samplers to collect airborne particles from the cabin air of the ISS, then returning them to Earth so scientists can study the particles under high magnification. The cabin air particle samples will be analyzed using a variety of microscopic techniques including: Raman spectroscopy, light microscopy, scanning transmission electron microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, and computer controlled scanning electron microscopy. For more information on NASA’s experiment, please click here.

To view our TPS100 in Space handout, please click here. 

Image courtesy of NASA website. (From left) Flight Engineer Ricky Arnold and Commander Drew Feustel, both NASA astronauts, peer out from windows inside the Cupola, also known as the International Space Station’s “window to the world.”