We provide testing services to certify product and materials compliance, support quality control, and ensure the health and safety of workers and their environment. We provide assistance for clients who are not sure what tests they need. Our accredited materials characterization laboratory is the foundation of all the services of RJ Lee Group provides, including standardized testing for compliance, industrial hygiene and environmental analyses, quality control, and materials research and development.

We provide credentialed expertise supported by robust scientific data. We provide significant support to industrial clients for product development, industrial hygiene and overall production support.

RJ Lee Group maintains a visible and respected reputation within the legal community, having offered scientific support in civil litigation matters for nearly 30 years. 

  • Product Liability 
  • Toxic Tort
  • Construction Defect
  • Fugitive Emission
  • Personal Injury
  • Patent Infringement
  • Contract Disputes
  • Insurance Subrogation

Subject Matter Experts

From our core business of providing scientific solutions to our clients, we have developed innovative products. Some are produced internally, and some have arisen from partnerships with other research organizations. 

For example, we build lab software solutions to help manage and streamline your labs data, and environmental testing products for a variety of applications. 

  • IntelliSEM is a powerful automated particle analysis system.
  • ParticleID is  a customizable cloud hosted web application used to identify foreign particulate matter and  assist with root cause investigations. 

Other products we create count particles and help keep the air and environment safe.

RJ Lee Group is a materials analysis laboratory and consulting company which serves many different industries. We offer scientific solutions such as industrial forensics services, laboratory and testing services, litigation support, and laboratory software to many industries:


RJ Lee Group holds accreditations for a wide variety of analysis and technologies across its four divisions. Click below on the desired organization to view and download the official accreditation paperwork.

American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA)

ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Accredited Testing of unknown materials of all types of solids and liquids including crystalline materials, water samples and waste extracts or digest, and…
WA – A2LA Cert. No. 5000.01
PA – A2LA Cert. No. 3985.01

American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO)

Quality Management System AASHTA R18 Testing of Construction Materials Aggregate ASTM C117 ASTM C136 ASTM C702 View or Download AASHTA Accreditation Certificate Certificate: PA
AASHTO, Certificate: PA
AASHTO, Certificate: WA

American Industrial Hygiene Association Laboratory Accreditation Program (AIHA LAP, LLC)

Facility Industrial Hygiene Certified Asbestos PCM, PLM and TEM; Beryllium; Diffusive Samplers; Environmental Lead; Inorganic Acids; Metals; Organic Solvents;  Crystalline

Pennsylvania Laboratory ID (Hochberg): LAP-100364
Pennsylvania Laboratory (Presque Isle): LAP-292885
Washington Laboratory ID: LAP-17865

ANSI National Accreditation Board

Evidence – Gunshot Residue Other – Gunshot Distance Determination View or Download the Accreditation Certificate: ANAB Certification and ANAB Scope
ANAB Certification
ANAB Scope

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Dept. of Environmental Protection (PA DEP)

Environmental (Inorganic) Analysis: Drinking Water Environmental (Inorganic) Analysis: Non-Drinking Water Environmental (Inorganic) Analysis….
PA DEP Certification and Scope

State of Maryland DHMH Office of Health Care Quality

Gunshot residue analysis, Headlamp analysis, Hair, Fiber, Tape Analysis, Paint Analysis
Forensic Laboratory/Trace Evidence License

FDA Registered (1000313868)

cGMP compliant for foreign particulate and materials characterization analysis using a wide variety of analytical techniques including HIAC (USP method 788), XRD (USP method 941)…
FDA Registered

National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP Lab Code 101208-0)

Bulk Asbestos Fiber Analysis (PLM) Airborne Asbestos Fiber Analysis (TEM) View or Download the Accreditation Certification

State of New York ELAP - Lab ID# 10884

Environmental Analysis Air and Emissions (PCM, TEM asbestos), Solid and Hazardous Waste,   Non-Potable Water, Potable Water
State of New York ELAP Certification and Scope

State of Oregon ELAP

Columbia Basin Analytical Laboratories – Pasco, WA Facility, Environmental Analyses Air and Emissions, Solid and Hazardous Waste, Non-Potable Water, Potable Water
State of Oregon ELAP Certification
Oregon ELAP Scope

State of Washington Department of Ecology

Columbia Basin Analytical Laboratories, Pasco WA. Solid and Chemical Materials, Non-Potable Water, Drinking Water, Air
WA-ECY Certificate 2022-2023
WA-ECY Scope 2022-2023
PA – WA Dept. of Ecology Certificate

State of Washington Radioactive Materials

Columbia Basin Analytical Laboratories, Pasco WA Facility. State of Washington Radioactive Materials License

State of West Virginia Bureau for Public Health Office of Environmental Health Services

Asbestos Air and/or Bulk Sample Analytical Laboratory / Environmental Laboratory View or Download the Accreditation
State of West Virginia Certificate

Texas Forensic Science Commission

RJ Lee Group facility lab, based on ANAB (03/31/26) Scope of Accreditation: Forensic Science Testing Firearms/Toolmarks Discipline – Distance Determination, Materials (Trace)
Texas Forensic Science Commission Accreditation

US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Validation

Concrete Test Methods ASTM C457, Standard Test Method for Microscopical Determination of Parameters of the Air-Void System in Hardened Concrete ASTM C856, Standard….
USACE Certification of Laboratory Validation- PA Office
USACE Certification of Laboratory Validation, Geotechnical Services – WA Office

US Department of Agriculture (USDA)

Soil Permit View or Download the Accreditation Certificate: USDA, Soil Permit
USDA, Soil Permit

US Department of Energy Consolidated Audit Program (DOECAP)

Columbia Basin Analytical Laboratories, Pasco WA Facility DOECAP-audited Laboratory Quality program complies with the DoD/DOE Consolidated QSM for Environmental Laboratories (also titled DOE Quality Systems for Analytical Services)

US Department of Justice: Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)

Analytical lab registered to handle controlled substance schedule codes 1, 2, 2N, 3, 3N, 4, 5. View or Download Accreditation Certificate: DEA Controlled Substance…
DEA Controlled Substance Registration Certificate

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