Civil Litigation Support

Our credentials in civil litigation support enable us to work cohesively with our law firm clients to determine the best strategy for providing investigative studies that achieve maximum impact. RJ Lee Group’s considerable experience in crafting a plan of action, organizing and identifying samples, and implementing in-depth studies ensures that there will be sound scientific data to support expert opinions and testimony. Our reputation for delivery of accurate laboratory results and respected expert testimony are some of the main reasons that our clients frequently recommend us to their peers.

Comprehensive Litigation Support

RJ Lee Group’s experts represent decades of specialist knowledge with strengths in many scientific disciplines. Together with our substantial analytical resources, this depth of experience allows us to develop analytical protocols which we can use to deliver results that address specific key issues. Though a methodology or investigative course developed during a particular study may be uniquely tailored to the situation at issue, the analytical methods used are based on established, scientifically accepted methods.

Our Experts

The performance of our experts has earned the respect and admiration of law partners and peers alike. Their experience, education and qualifications have been demonstrated in state and federal courts, in publications in peer-reviewed literature and in the committees and panels on which they serve to recommend and develop analytical methodologies to comply with industry regulations.

Evidence Presentation and Trial Graphics

Scientific analysis generates results but the results may be meaningless unless they can be interpreted and understood. Sometimes the easiest way to decipher complex data is through clear and impact-focused graphics or digital animation. RJ Lee Group collaborates with law firm clients to develop presentation materials that effectively translate scientific and technical information for non-scientific participants. Our reports and testimony focus on delivery of relevant data in a clear and understandable manner.

Multiple Experts

Sometimes legal cases involve matters that may require input from multiple experts who deal in specific disciplines or from experts who have in-depth knowledge in a narrow specific area. RJ Lee Group collaborates with our law firm clients and coordinates as requested the technical efforts of other consulting and testifying experts involved in the case. We have teamed with architects, engineers (construction, mechanical, chemical, civil, environmental and structural), industrial hygienists, toxicologists, statisticians and other discipline-specific experts who rely on the data generated in our investigative studies for their opinions. As a matter of expediency, at times our laboratory has served as a sample clearinghouse by providing and tracking samples to other technical experts while maintaining appropriate chains of custody documentation.

Data Management

In the event that the project generates substantial amounts of data that need to be collected and interpolated, manipulated and interpreted we have the ability to leverage our information management expertise to accommodate that need. We have the staff, expertise and experience in compiling large data sets, integrating extrinsic data and presenting results in an understandable context for client briefings, meetings with regulatory bodies and at trial.

Value Added

Our law firm clients value the detailed and conscientious administrative experts who are involved in supporting our testifying experts in the delivery of scientific data and expert reports. Our staff researches, identifies and tracks conflicts of interest, maintains proper chains of custody and organizes data productions as part of the discovery process. Their scrupulous attention to the details allows our testifying experts to focus on the science of the case. The added value of a solid, responsive and well-organized litigation support group is an important benefit that cannot be discounted.

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